An interesting and diverse route that explores the Metro Detroit area. Starting in Wixom then heading North and East to Jefferson Ave, we then follow the lake to Belle Isle where we take a loop on the Island we continue following the river to Groose Isle where take a look at Canada. We continue by going through the Lower Huron Metro Parks. Ann Arbor, then Chelsea, before we head north to Pinckney, then East to Whitmore Lake before heading back. An APC certified Brevet. RUSA Membership is required, please join at

Riders will start on their own, when ready, between 6 and 8am. RBA will make note of start time.

Face masks are required for check-in.

Riders will be responsible to ride by themselves, if riding near anyone they will be asked to stay in touch with that rider after the ride in case they become infected with covid-19.

Riders are required to bring their own pen to sign the waivers and brevet cards.

Riders may print their own cards, cue sheets and waivers from our webpage. They may also be picked up at the starting area. Signed waivers are to be placed in an envelope before starting. We will do everything possible to make this a contact-less event.

At controls, riders may email proof of passage with digital photographs. The time embedded in the photograph’s metadata is sufficient. A rider may note his arrival time on his own card. No third-party initials or receipts are required.

Drop bags can be dropped off at the start and will be available for pick-up approximately half way into the ride. A water container will also be available at the drop bag pick-up area, hand sanitizer and wipes will be available.

Riders should sign and time their own cards before placing them in the drop off envelope at the end of the ride.

At the end of the event, brevet cards will be dropped off at an envelope by the rider. Finish times will be recorded by the RBA or volunteer.


200 Beck Road
Commerce Twp, MI 48390

Kroger parking lot just south of McDonald's

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