Scenic tour in countryside near lake in SW Michigan. Cyclists can visit and make purchases at many art studios, wineries, cider mills, family farms and orchards.

The Lakeshore Harvest Ride is a fun and scenic bicycle tour over rolling countryside near Lake Michigan. It starts in South Haven or Douglas, two fun harbor towns located in southwest Michigan. It is on Saturday, September 14… a great time to visit as it is after the Labor Day crowds and the weather is typically sunny with comfortable temperatures. Unlike most bike tours, cyclists don’t just pass by scenic farms and vineyards, they can stop to sample the harvest and make purchases. Better yet, a concierge service delivers any purchases to riders at their start point for easy loading into their car. Visit family farms and orchards, wineries, cider mills and art studios. Each start point has four routes for varying abilities from 15 to 62 miles in length. Lunch, snacks, and water are included. Save 20% by registering before 8/20 for $40 per person or $36 per person for groups of 3 or more. Go to for more information and to register.


Schultz Park Dr.
Douglas, MI 49406

Schultz Park

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