2013 PALM Application

Last year PALM filled in two days, the year before, four days. This year PALM filled in one day: Jan 14.

You can still download the PALM application to add meals, bus rides, and buy jerseys by clicking here to download the application from this website or clicking here to download the application from

Important Information for Groups

If you made it on PALM and you included some members in your group on your application even though you couldn't include their signatures, they are on PALM too. But we still need them to fill out, sign, and mail us an application. This is another reason that the application is still availble for download. Please have these group members also include a note saying that their unsigned application has already been accepted and who submitted the application.

Any questions?
Email us at [email protected] or [email protected]. Or call us at 734-669-0172.

Congratulations to those riders who made the Jan 14 cutoff. Our sincere regrets to all those who missed the cutoff.

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