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Michigan Ride Calendar (All Events)

The Michigan Ride Calendar is developed annually by the League of Michigan Bicyclists in partnership with Michigan Department of Transportation and lists hundreds of cycling events, including tours, mountain biking, road races, trail events, Ride of Silence events, advocacy events, Bike to Work/Smart Commute events, and more. We strongly encourage cyclists to support our supporters by participating in $1 Per Rider events this season. The funds generated through this program provide essential funding to help LMB sustain our bicycle education, advocacy and promotion efforts. Participating in $1 Per Rider events is an easy way to support LMB's work to make Michigan a more bicycle friendly state.
Date Title Type of Event
12/05/16 - 07/03/17 Slow Roll Detroit Recurring Rides (Weekly, Monthly, Etc.)
02/04/17 - 07/02/17 Motor City Bike & Brew Tours - Guided Bike Tours in Detroit Recurring Rides (Weekly, Monthly, Etc.)
04/01/17 - 10/31/17 Wheelhouse Detroit Bike Tours Recurring Rides (Weekly, Monthly, Etc.)
04/29/17 - 10/15/17 Motor City Brew Tours - Guided Bike Tours in Detroit Recurring Rides (Weekly, Monthly, Etc.)
05/03/17 - 10/25/17 Healthy Dearborn Walk n Roll Recurring Rides (Weekly, Monthly, Etc.)
05/28/17 - 09/24/17 Bike Dearborn - Bikes and Brews Recurring Rides (Weekly, Monthly, Etc.)
06/01/17 - 08/10/17 TAYLOR BIKE CREW Ride Cal. General
06/07/17 - 07/26/17 Mt. Brighton Downhill Mountain Ride Cal. General
06/15/17 - 12/07/17 TAYLOR BIKE CREW Recurring Rides (Weekly, Monthly, Etc.)
06/24/17 - 06/30/17 Pedal Across Lower Michigan (PALM) $1 Per Rider Program
06/26/17 - 08/31/17 Sea to Sea 2017 $1 Per Rider Program
06/28/17 Dawn Patrol Recurring Rides (Weekly, Monthly, Etc.)
07/01/17 Weekly rides from Ann Arbor and Plymouth AABTS.ORG Recurring Rides (Weekly, Monthly, Etc.)
07/02/17 Algonac Lions Pickerel Tournament Bicycle Tour $1 Per Rider Program
07/02/17 Algonac Lions Pickerel Tournament Bicycle Tour $1 Per Rider Program
07/08/17 Black Bear Gran Fondo $1 Per Rider Program
07/08/17 One Helluva Ride $1 Per Rider Program
07/09/17 - 07/15/17 MUP (Michigan's Upper Peninsula) Bicycle Tour LMB Event
07/09/17 - 07/14/17 Ride to Pictured Rocks $1 Per Rider Program
07/09/17 Covered Bridge Bike Tour $1 Per Rider Program
07/12/17 - 07/16/17 Summertour Ride Cal. General
07/13/17 - 07/13/17 Men's Mountain Bike Clinic at Mt. Brighton Ride Cal. General
07/15/17 - 07/22/17 The Michigander Bicycle Tour $1 Per Rider Program
07/15/17 North Country 100 Bicycle Tour $1 Per Rider Program
07/15/17 Susan G. Komen Michigan Ride for the Cure Ride Cal. General
07/15/17 - 07/16/17 Bike MS: Great Lakes Mid Michigan Breakaway Ride Cal. General
07/16/17 - 07/21/17 The Great Waters Tour $1 Per Rider Program
07/16/17 Ride Around Torch $1 Per Rider Program
07/19/17 - 07/19/17 Pterodactyl Triathlon & Kid's Clinic Ride Cal. General
07/21/17 Tour de TART Ride Cal. General
07/23/17 - 07/23/17 XTERRA IONIA Off Road Triahtlon & Duathon Ride Cal. General
07/25/17 - 07/25/17 Ice Cream Family Ride Ride Cal. General
07/27/17 - 07/30/17 Wish-A-Mile Bicycle Tour Ride Cal. General
07/29/17 - 07/29/17 Bike 4 Breast Cancer - Northern Michigan Ride Cal. General
07/29/17 Amishland & Lakes Ride Cal. General
07/30/17 Coast Guard City Century Bicycle Tour $1 Per Rider Program
07/30/17 Big M Challenge MTB Race Ride Cal. General
07/30/17 Kent County Parks Tour Ride Cal. General
08/05/17 - 08/12/17 Shoreline West Bicycle Tour LMB Event
08/05/17 Pedal & Whine Bike Tour $1 Per Rider Program
08/05/17 Pedals and Passports $1 Per Rider Program
08/05/17 Habitat for Humanity - Bike to Build $1 Per Rider Program
08/05/17 - 08/05/17 Atwater 2 Atwater Bike Ride Ride Cal. General
08/05/17 - 08/05/17 Mind Over Matter – Alzheimer’s Cycling Event Ride Cal. General
08/05/17 - 08/05/17 Cherry-Roubaix Ride Cal. General
08/06/17 - 08/10/17 Tour Da U.P. $1 Per Rider Program
08/06/17 - 08/06/17 State Games of America Time Trial, Team Time Trial Ride Cal. General
08/06/17 - 08/06/17 Great Lakes State Classic Road Races Ride Cal. General
08/12/17 One Day Ride Across Michigan - ODRAM $1 Per Rider Program
08/13/17 Harvest Bicycle Century Tour $1 Per Rider Program

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