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Law Enforcement Training

Bike Rodeo Training

rodeoJust like bicycle education is more than a shove down the driveway, a bicycle rodeo is more than just an obstacle course. This "Guide to Bicycle Rodeos" is intended to give you the tools to run a successful event that provides a strong educational component for the participants.

When we remember back to our first bicycle, we remember that it provided fun, freedom, independence, transportation and responsibility. The bicycle is the most efficient machine known to mankind. The bicycle is playing a role in many of the issues facing us today, heath & wellness, environmental concerns and transportation. As more and more Americans rediscover the bicycle, it is critical that all users understand how to safely drive a bicycle.

Why run a bicycle rodeo, Well it first and foremost teaches bicycle safety if run properly. With time constraints it is an efficient, effective and concise way of presenting bicycle safety. The practical aspect of the training is a powerful tool. But most importantly, children have fun while learning.

Simply stated, it is education by practice. It is a bicycle skills event which provides an opportunity for bicyclists to practice and develop skills that will help them to become better bicyclists and avoid typical crashes.

For more information visit Bicycle Rodeos - How to run an event.

What Every MI Bicyclist Must Know

What-Every-Michigan-Bicyclist-Must-KnowA Guide For Bicyclists
What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know is designed to help you safely and enjoyably share the public roads and trails of Michigan with other users. Although this publication includes information about many Michigan traffic laws, it is not meant to be a legal document or a substitute for the Michigan Vehicle Code.

This handy booklet is designed for bicyclists and is an excellent resource for anyone riding a bicycle in Michigan. Law Enforcement agencies and other organizations can request free copies for distribution.

Remember that you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. Keep yourself and your bicycle in good condition and ride within your own limits.
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What_Every_Young_Michigan_Bicyclist_Must_Know-1What Every Young Michigan Bicyclist Must Know
We are extremely pleased to announce that the much awaited What Every Young Michigan Bicyclist Must Know booklet is now available. This companion piece to our adult publication, What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know, was created to help young bicyclists understand how to ride their bicycles legally and safely in Michigan.

The publication is filled with colorful illustrations by Michigan artist Ray Templin. The playful art is coupled with simple text developed by League staff and members to help make it fun and easy for children to learn about bicycle safety.

After realizing that many of the adult publications were actually being distributed at youth bike rodeos around the state, we decided a stand-alone document specifically targeted at elementary school-aged children needed to be created.

Over the past couple of years, LMB asked Michigan cyclists to support identified key projects, including this youth safety booklet. This valuable resource was made possible solely through the generosity of LMB donors. We once again thank all of the individuals across the state that donated to make this project possible.

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What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know by League of Michigan Bicyclists

What Every Young Michigan Bicyclist Must Know by League of Michigan Bicyclists

Free Materials for Law Enforcement

Police Poster Download

Safe Roads For Bicycling: Educate and Enforce Poster

Safe Roads for Bicycling, Educate and Enforce color poster (18.5" x 26.5") to alert law officers to the danger zones for bicyclists and motorists.

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Date 2010-02-12
Filesize 45.09 MB
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Traffic Violation Warning Pamphlet

A traffic violation warning pamphlet that police officers can share with motorists and bicyclists to help make roads safe for bicycling.

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Date 2010-02-12
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Be a Safe Cyclist

Trifold brochure available from the Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP). Note: this download is a low resolution sample and includes an order form to request free copies of this brochure directly from OHSP.

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Date 2010-02-12
Filesize 2.57 MB
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Bicycle Safety Sheets for Kids Version:Elementary kids

The League of Michigan Bicyclists has bike safety sheets focusing on safe riding skills. The single-page format can easily be reprinted in newsletters, copied for bike rodeos, etc. There are two versions: one for younger elementary school kids, one for older elementary and pre-teens. Make sure to download both. The back of each has further details for parents.

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Date 2010-02-12
Filesize 6.99 MB
Download 2884

Bicycle Safety Sheets for Kids Version:Pre-teens

The League of Michigan Bicyclists has bike safety sheets focusing on safe riding skills. The single-page format can easily be reprinted in newsletters, copied for bike rodeos, etc. There are two versions: one for younger elementary school kids, one for older elementary and pre-teens. Make sure to download both. The back of each has further details for parents.

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Date 2010-02-12
Filesize 7.68 MB
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Roll ModelThe National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) and AAA recently launched the Be a Roll Model campaign to help promote safe bicycling.

Whether you are a motorist or bicyclist, a parent/grandparent, adult, or older youth, ride for transportation or recreation, we can all play a part in being a "Roll Model" to decrease the risks of traffic crashes and preventable injuries and deaths.

The campaign consists of bicycle safety pledges, helmet safety tips, and safe bicycling tips for parents and children.

More information on the campaign and copies of all tip sheets and pledge cards can be found here.


Law Enfrocement Articles

12 Things You Should Know About Bicycles, Safety and Crashes

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1. Bicycles are legal
Michigan law states bicycles are legal vehicles on the road. Despite the law, some motorists insist that bicycles belong only on sidewalks or should be restricted to paths. The problem: sidewalks and paths don’t go everywhere bicyclists need to go. Bicyclists are more visible and safer, particularly at intersections, if they ride in the road.

2. Helmets
Helmets should be worn by children and adults to prevent or reduce injuries and save lives. Wearing a helmet, though, will not prevent a crash. In the Netherlands, few cyclists wear helmets, yet the fatality rate is 1/5 of the U.S. because Dutch motorists respect the rights of bicyclists.

Stolen Bike Registry


is a free resource to register and track stolen bicycles. It is run by tech-savvy people who love their bikes and hate the people who steal them.

Many stolen bikes never leave town as most simply just get pawned at local shops. The situation where you live may be different, but the fact remains that it is easy for people to steal and resell bikes, and traditionally it has been difficult to register and search for stolen bikes.
The Crux Of The Problem

  1. There's no incentive to look for or report stolen bikes
    Even if a pawnshop, bike shop, or potential buyer thinks your bike's stolen, there's no good reason for them to check your bike's serial number. Why? If they do find out your bike is stolen, there's really nothing in it for them - except they're losing the chance to get a cheap bike.
  2. The current stolen bike registry is flawed
    There is an existing stolen bike registry called the National Bike Registry (NBR). They however require you to pay to include your bike's serial number in their database. The only people who have easy access to the NBR's database is law enforcement. So unless your bike gets recovered by a police officer, its serial number probably will not get checked out.
  3. There's no easy way for the common person to check a bike's serial number
    Following on the heels of #2, there is not an easy way for a bicycle theft victum, bike shop, pawn shop, or anybody outside of law enforcement to check serial numbers through the NBR.

Stolenbicycleregistry.com is working to fix this by

  • By providing FREE 5 year web-based registration for your stolen bike.
  • By providing detailed, searchable bike info - including reward offers, photos of your stolen bike, and more.
  • By providing FREE web access to our stolen serial number database.
  • By linking bike locator's with bike owners.
  • By running WATCHLIST - a free, bi-monthly email newsletter containing stolen bike info broken down by state, city, or zip code. WATCHLIST is printable and aimed towards people who come into contact with a lot of bikes and can act as a quick reference of all the stolen bicycles in a specific area.


League of Michigan Bicyclists




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