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Community Bicycle Safety for Law Enforcement

Course Content:
TLaw-Enforcement-Traininghis four hour training is designed for law enforcement and the general public. The training encourages interaction and dialogue among those attending as well as providing information about basic safe bicycling.  The Michigan laws pertaining to bicyclists will be reviewed and discussed with common misconceptions debunked. The course will review models for effective education, best practices for bicycle incident/crash investigation and reporting as well as review of what is new in engineering including an overview of Complete Streets concepts The course will end with a dialogue among the attendees on real world situations.

In addition we will host an optional afternoon training on how to plan and run an effective bicycle rodeo for children. This will include both classroom and hands on experiences.

Overview of Law Enforcement Training:

Cycling 101

101To understand the principles of cycling fully, it is essential to know how bicyclists safely ride their bicycles. The bicycle is much more than a toy we all knew as a child. In Michigan, bicyclists have the right to use the roadways and typically the roadways are the safest place to ride. This section will give the participants an understanding of how bicyclists should safely use the roadways.

Law Review (MCL, MVC and Administrative Rules)
scalesMichigan law gives bicyclists the rights to use the roadways in Michigan. In this section we will cover the laws that pertain to bicyclists. For example, can a bicyclist be given a ticket for impeding traffic?

If the roadway the bicyclist is on has no minimum speed limit, then they are traffic according to the MVC and MCL and therefore cannot be impeding traffic simply because of their speed or the fact that they are riding a bicycle.

MVC Section 257.657 states: "Each person riding a bicycle...upon a roadway has all of the rights and is subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle by this chapter..."

MCL 257.69 states: ... traffic means pedestrians, ridden or herded animals, vehicles, street cars and other conveyances either singly or together while using any highway for purposes of travel."

Community Bicycle Safety
fiets63In this section we will explore the role of law enforcement personnel in community bicycle safety. We will introduce the safety triangle consisting of education, enforcement and engineering. In the following sections, we will cover each of these legs in more detail - including best practices. We will also discuss how law enforcement can work with community groups to make their communities safer for bicycling.

rodeoThis section will review resources available from LMB and other sources to run bicycle education programs for youth and adults. It will cover how to run an effective bicycle rodeo and provide tools to give a safety presentation to school groups. In addition to LMB programs we will review national safety programs that can be replicated in local communities.

fiets545In this section we will review enforcement strategies, discuss how to overcome mentality of not enforcing bicycle laws and review good bicycle crash scene reporting. This section stresses bicyclists as legitimate roadway users and the need to treat them as such, both in ticketing for infractions and respecting them when a crash occurs.

signIn this section we will review the latest trends in bicycle facilities. We will provide a basic overview of Complete Streets and examples of how communities are modifying their roadways to accommodate all roadway users. We will also discuss LMB's Bikeability Audit and how this tool can be used to help make communities more bicycle-friendly.


Overview of Bicycle Rodeo Training

BikeRodeoJust like bicycle education is more than a shove down the driveway, a bicycle rodeo is more than just an obstacle course. This three hour training is intended to give you the tools to run a successful event that provides a strong educational component for the participants.

Why run a bicycle rodeo, Well it first and foremost teaches bicycle safety if run properly. With time constraints it is an efficient, effective and concise way of presenting bicycle safety. The practical aspect of the training is a powerful tool. But most importantly, children have fun while learning.

Simply stated, it is education by practice. It is a bicycle skills event which provides an opportunity for bicyclists to practice and develop skills that will help them to become better bicyclists and avoid typical crashes.

Participants in the Bicycle Rodeo training should bring a bicycle.

2014 Trainings

To register for a training click on the  online registration button below. Participants may choose morning or afternoon session or combine both at a discounted rate.

Training Fees
Morning Session only (8 am - 12 pm)      $25
Afternoon Session only (1 - 4 pm)           $15
Both Sessions                                          $35


All classes for 2014 have been completed. Watch for information on 2015 dates and locations.

For additional information contact LMB toll free at 888-642-4537.


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