Bicycle Crash Checklist

Spring is here and outdoor cycling has started for most of us. It's a fact that many of us at some point will have a bicycle accident that involves a motor vehicle. In the unfortunate event you do get hit by a car or a car causes you to become injured, we've compiled a short list of things to do and things to consider. Also, remember that these procedures apply if you've been injured from a dog bite or chase or if the condition of the road or sidewalk causes your injuries.

What to Do When Hit by a Car

Many of the items in the list are self-explanatory. While the information reporting and gathering aspects are very important, probably the most important step to preserving your rights lies in our first recommendation - DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY. While it may seem that we are asking you to hide the truth, this is not the case. When involved in any sort of accident, oftentimes you are in shock and do not know what has happened. Many times our clients are not even able to remember how the accident happened. Too often, we find that cyclists are eager to explain how the accident happened or to accept responsibility for the accident, when in reality it wasn't their fault at all. The facts, once gathered, most times bear that out. That is why it is important to preserve the information and let the facts concerning the accident speak for themselves. There is no sense in assuming liability or making an explanation for the accident's cause when you probably only know a portion of all that occurred.

Obviously, the goal is to avoid any sort of accident. But if it should happen, these tips will help guide you should you have to file a claim with your insurance company or file a suit in court. As always, should any rider have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Ride Safely!