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Stolen Bike Registry


is a free resource to register and track stolen bicycles. It is run by tech-savvy people who love their bikes and hate the people who steal them.

Many stolen bikes never leave town as most simply just get pawned at local shops. The situation where you live may be different, but the fact remains that it is easy for people to steal and resell bikes, and traditionally it has been difficult to register and search for stolen bikes.
The Crux Of The Problem

  1. There's no incentive to look for or report stolen bikes
    Even if a pawnshop, bike shop, or potential buyer thinks your bike's stolen, there's no good reason for them to check your bike's serial number. Why? If they do find out your bike is stolen, there's really nothing in it for them - except they're losing the chance to get a cheap bike.
  2. The current stolen bike registry is flawed
    There is an existing stolen bike registry called the National Bike Registry (NBR). They however require you to pay to include your bike's serial number in their database. The only people who have easy access to the NBR's database is law enforcement. So unless your bike gets recovered by a police officer, its serial number probably will not get checked out.
  3. There's no easy way for the common person to check a bike's serial number
    Following on the heels of #2, there is not an easy way for a bicycle theft victum, bike shop, pawn shop, or anybody outside of law enforcement to check serial numbers through the NBR.

Stolenbicycleregistry.com is working to fix this by

  • By providing FREE 5 year web-based registration for your stolen bike.
  • By providing detailed, searchable bike info - including reward offers, photos of your stolen bike, and more.
  • By providing FREE web access to our stolen serial number database.
  • By linking bike locator's with bike owners.
  • By running WATCHLIST - a free, bi-monthly email newsletter containing stolen bike info broken down by state, city, or zip code. WATCHLIST is printable and aimed towards people who come into contact with a lot of bikes and can act as a quick reference of all the stolen bicycles in a specific area.


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