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Bicycle Camp

The Bicycle Camp lesson plans are designed to be a multi day Bicycle Rodeo. It works very well when integrated into a day camp or residence camp program. For further information on each station and course layout see Bike_Camp"Bicycle Rodeos-How to run an event".

Participant Prerequisites:

Target Audience
Children K-6 grades

Time Frame
2 hours per day



1. Review with children outline for week
2. Review Basic rules of the road
2.1. Ride on the right
2.2. Obey all traffic signs
2.3. Ride single file
2.4. Wear a helmet
2.5. ABC Quik Check
3. Complete safety check list for each bike
4. Practice on slow course


  1. Review basic rules of the road
  2. Introduce Demon driveway//crazy crossroads course
  3. Practice on slow course


  1. Review basic rules of the road
  2. Introduce figure 8 course
  3. Practice on demon driveway // crazy crossroads course and slow course


  1. Review basic rules of the road
  2. Introduce scanning and rock dodge course
  3. Practice on, figure 8, demon driveway and slow course


  1. Review basic rules of the road
  2. Run through all courses on last time
  3. Slow race "World Competition"


League of Michigan Bicyclists




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