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Time does not allow for repairs to children's bicycles. Air in the tires and simple bolt tightening is about all that time will allow for. It is important that a check list be completed and given to the parent for follow up.

Although best done by someone with bicycle repair knowledge, the inspections in a pinch can be done by anyone with a little mechanical knowledge. Below are the important areas to check.

1. WHEELS - Are they straight? Do they wobble?
2. SPOKES - Are any bent or broken? Are any loose?
3. TIRES - Do they feel firm? Are they wearing out? Is the tread clean?
4. PEDALS - Are they wearing out?
5. CHAIN WHEEL (OR SPROCKET) - Is it bent or damaged?
6. CHAIN - Is it snug? Are there any broken or damaged links?
7. BRAKES (COASTER OR HAND) - Do they stop bike fast and smoothly?
8. FRAME, FENDER, FORK - Are they straight? Do they rub any other part of the bike? Are
the nuts and bolts tight?
9. CHAIN GUARD - Is it bent?
10. SEAT (OR SADDLE) - Is it tight? Is it level with the ground?
11. HANDLEBARS - Are they tight? Are the handgrips tight?
12. BIKE FIT - Is the seat height comfortable for the person? Is the handlebar height comfortable
for the person?

Tools Needed  (one set for each inspector)
  • Tire pump
  • Crescent ranch (6" and 9")
  • 3 prong allen wrench (4mm/5mm/6mm)
  • Pliers
  • Flat head screw driver
  • Philips screw driver
  • Clipboard and inspection form
  • Pen or pencil

You can download a sample Bike Inspection checklist .alt





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