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Bicycle Rodeos - How to run an event.





A well balanced committee is an extremely beneficial asset. It should be made up of representatives of the school/organization sponsoring the event, local community resources and parents. This needs to be a working committee, so be very clear when recruiting members of the committee.


After reviewing this section you will need to identify those things that you will need to pay for. Then obviously you need to identify a way to pay for them.

  • Who will recruit volunteers?
  • One person for each station who is familiar with the purpose of the rodeo and that specific station.
  • Someone to help move kids from station to station to avoid long lines.
  • Sometimes local bike shops or your local bike club will provide a person with some tools and cycling expertise for inspection station. Need at least 2 people.
  • Volunteers and staff need to be oriented to the objectives and procedures of the stations prior to the day of the event. Set up meeting date.
  • A well-fed volunteer is a happy one. Consider having coffee, juice, donuts, etc., available.

Where will you hold the event?

• School
• Park
• Other


Determine types

• PSAs
• Newspaper ads
• Newsletters
• Handouts
• Emails
• Web Page
• Banners
• Signs
• Other

  • How many children do we expect?
  • What do children need to bring? Bike, Helmet?
  • Pre-registration required?
  • Waivers needed for participants
  • Education materials/handouts
    • Will you create new
    • Use existing
  • Helmet giveaway? (# riders expected?)
  • How to fund it?
  • Certificates of participation to all who complete the course?
  • Random drawing to include everyone who completes the course?
  • Will there be refreshments for children? If so how do you fund it?

  • Need at least 90' x 100' of space to layout course
  • Paved is preferred, but it can be done on the grass
  • Age groups?
  • 90-120 minutes depending on number of participants
  • For course setup: 
    • Tape measure or roller tape (a wheel)
    • Paint, chalk, traffic cones
  • For the stations
    • Pencils and clipboards
    • Basic tools, tire pump for the inspection station
    • Cardboard cars for stations
    • Stop sign (cardboard or real) for station
    • Sponges
    • Inspection forms
  • For general use: 
    • Tables for registration
    • Chairs
    • Name tags for volunteers
    • Marking pens
    • Signs to identify the stations
    • Certificates?
    • Refreshments?
    • Educational information (brochures)
  • Planning Committee - Ideally the planning committee should first meet 4-5 months before the event. The first task is to secure the volunteers needed to effectively run the event. As in all committees responsibilities should be delegated among committee members.
  • Volunteers Orientation - An orientation session should be held before the event for all volunteers. Resist the idea to do it the morning before the event. There is simply not enough time and volunteers won't show up on time creating a problem. Ideally the orientation needs to be held between the course being marked and the event being held. If it is a Saturday event, than Thursday is a good night for the meeting.
    Marking Course - The course should be marked early in the week before the event to eliminate any last minute glitches.
  • Set Up - The morning of the event the tables, tents, etc should be set up by a Set Up committee.
  • Clean Up - Probably the most important, but often times overlooked are the Clean Up crew. Make sure this is not left to chance or else you will be the one doing it by yourself.

Your Planning Committee needs to decide if it is going to have exhibitors at your event. Some possibilities include:

  • Event Sponsors
  • State/county agencies
  • Youth groups - YMCA, Boy & Girl Scouts
  • School groups
  • Police department (bike registration?)
  • Fire department
  • Bike shops
  • Refreshments
  • Others




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