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Bicycle Commuting

The Bicycle Commuting power point has been designed to be used in classes teaching beginners about commuting by bicycle. The presentation is designed to fit in a one hour time slot. It can be expanded to fit a longer time slot if needed. The Bicycle Commuting power point can be downloaded here.

The slides are reviewed below. The comments made are intended to be used as a guide. The power point is designed so that each slide leads the presenter into what he/she needs to talk about. It is important that the presenter put his/her own twist on the subject.

This is the introductory slide.


These slides talk about "who" LMB is, the assumptions about those taking the class and some reasons to commute by bicycle.


These slides discuss some of the myths associated with bicycle commuting


This slide reviews the 4 basic rules every bicyclist needs to know concerning the law - same rules as motorist, ride to the right, signal turns and obey traffic signals.


This slide reviews hand signals, trail/sidewalk etiquette and communication in general.


These slides talk about sharing the road and situations that the commuter will face during their commute. Depending on the audience you can spend extra time here if needed.


These slides review traffic signals and suggestions on how to trip the light so that it changes. Tripping the signal is dependent upon how sensitive they have been set. 


These slides review different conditions you may ride in, the safety of different types of facilities and where to get route information.


These slides review the different types of ways that you can use your bike with other forms of transportation.


This is a quick overview of basic bike fit. If they need more help they should contact their local bike shop or you can use the information in the How to Fit a Bike article to help them out.


These slides are designed to review basic maintenance. These cover the ABC Quik Check. The following slides cover On Road Repairs and how to fix a flat.


These are the essential tools every bicycle commuter needs to carry.


This is a section that you could spend more time on if your class lasts more than an hour. For longer classes this section should be a practicum for the class.


The following slides cover basic equipment, both for the bike and the rider.


These slides review different ways to carry stuff (and how not to carry stuff). Carrying "stuff" is a very personal situation and riders should experiment with what works best for them. There is no one right way.


The importance of good lighting can not be stressed enough.


Just like with how you carry stuff, tires are also a very personal item. You can talk about the different types and your experiences, but again, they need to find what works best for them.


These slides review some of the optional equipment they may want to add. A seasoned commuter would say these are not optional, but to someone starting out they really aren't needed. New commuters need to be encouraged to get started without having to spend too much money. Once they are hooked, these will become mandatory items for them.


These slides review how to dress. The key is a helmet. Again, basic clothing will work to get them started, but as they get more into it they will want more clothes designed for their needs. So a review of what is available is helpful to them for future reference.


These slide give some hints on how to pack stuff that they will be carrying back and forth to work.


One issue all new commuters struggle with, is how do they clean up once they get to work. These slides give some options.


After how do I clean up, the next question is where do they park their bike and how do they secure it.


These are the wrap up slides. Questions can either be handled at the end or as you are going through the presentation. It is your preference.



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