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Henry Ford II

LMB Board of Directors

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Madison Heights

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Other information:


For Henry, being a part of the largest bicycle advocate in the state and share the voice of other cyclist is a huge deal, and an ultimate goal. He shared the following about his love for bicycling:
“Unemployment, depression, feeling distant and anxious are all responsible for me getting reacquainted with cycling. Shortly after dusting off my lonely bike in the garage, I found the more I hit the road the better I felt.” Henry joined a volunteer group that focused on revitalizing a childhood park by planning weekly activities. Henry volunteered started a group ride as part of this effort and will mark his eighth season of this program this year. Henry has also worked with Wheelhouse Detroit to help with a tour group visiting local parks and surrounding neighborhoods. He is currently employed by Wheelhouse Detroit, providing tours over the weekends for the past seven years. Henry is also involved in a Monday night group ride and is in charge of the “#squad” for the past two years. He is preparing to sit on their board for the new year. Henry’s personal cycling highlight to date is working at Detroit Bikes as the master builder, the country’s largest American bike manufacturer, celebrating 5 in 2018.



League of Michigan Bicyclists




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