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Beth Brandvain

LMB Board of Directors

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Farmington Hills

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Other information

Other information:

Beth has always loved being on a bicycle, but the last 20 year really changed her appreciation of cycling as she morphed from an occasional rider to a passionate and enthusiastic cyclist. In 1999, following the death of a young family friend, Beth signed up for the Wish-A-Mile bike tour and, along with 13 other friends, started a group called Team Alex. As the founding rider of the group, Beth became the team captain and has retained that position ever since. Team Alex has grown to a community of about 130 riders, from racers to SAG wagon lovers. Through this growth, Beth honed her skills as a community organizer. Beth personally rides from 5,000 - 6,000 miles per year. Over the years, Beth felt growing concern of bicycle safety and the need to improve communication and understanding between cyclists and drivers. When a friend of hers was killed on his bicycle in 2013, Beth made a commitment to become involved in advocacy for cyclists. For Beth, "serving on the LMB Board of Directors would be a wonderful opportunity to fulfill a promise I made to myself while serving the greater community of Michigan cyclists and drivers"


League of Michigan Bicyclists




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