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The Clinton River Rider Bicycle Club was formed in 1981. We have an active membership of friendly people, which includes several of the original dozen members! We encourage you to come to one of our meetings, or come out on a couple of our rides. And don't forget to wear your helmet!

Who are we?

We're the young, the middle aged and the young at heart. We're single or married. Many of us have families from little people to teenagers, and some are even grandparents. We are cycling enthusiasts of all ages! Although we are mainly a club for the intermediate to advanced skills road rider, we do not discourage the novice rider. We hope to educate and encourage you to become a better cyclist. We range from the casual cyclist to the Ultra-Marathon cyclist. Our members sometimes leave the road for mountain biking. We are proud to have a four-time National Track Champion, as well as members who currently hold World Records in long distance cycling. Whether you ride a few miles or thousands per year, we've got a group you can ride and feel comfortable with. Come, join in the fun!

What do we do when we are not riding?

Some of us enjoy running, including several members being accomplished marathon runners. In the off-season, we play walleyball and racquetball. We cross country ski, some play hockey, while others enjoy roller blading and some are stair climbers! We have a club picnic in the summer, as well as an Awards Banquet in Winter, which could include a visit from the fat man in the red suit with gifts for the children. We also assist with a benefit ride for a non-profit charitable organization. And in June, we put on our Awesome ride "THE BLUE WATER RAMBLE", which has drawn over 1,000 riders. We include one of the best lunchtime feast of all invitational rides!

Where do we meet?

On the Second Monday of every month (unless it's a holiday) at 7:00p.m., we gather at the Mount Clemens Public Library, to discuss the ride schedule as well as other activities for the month. After the meeting, we enjoy snacks and take time to visit with each other.  Check our Calendar for updates to the CRR Monthly meetings

During the cycling season (when daylight and weather permit), we have weekday rides almost every day of the week during the riding season. Most weekday rides are at a moderate pace, but we do have some that are fast. Please check the description to find a ride that is right for you! There is a regular Saturday ride for breakfast, and usually a Sunday breakfast ride. Sometimes you will have a choice between two or seven different rides on the same day! Check the CRR Ride Page. Our Ride Calendar is kept up to date!!

How much are the dues?

Any individual over 18 years of age may join for $20.00 per year or $30.00 covers the whole family.

How do I view the CRR Newsletter?

If you'd like to View 'The Rambler', the Clinton River Riders monthly newsletter, visit or click the  link:

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